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Tiana Khasi - Meghalaya EP
(Soul Has No Tempo)
Produced, Mixed, Co-written 



'With a celestial voice that's been streamed over 3 million times thanks to acclaimed features with The Kite String Tangle, Golden Vessel and label mate Sampology, Brisbane-based artist Tiana Khasi (Kah-see) shares her debut EP, ‘MEGHALAYA’, out now via Soul Has No Tempo. 

The Sampology-produced debut is a rich tapestry of styles and influence, with inspiration drawing from themes of self-empowerment, family and heritage, collaborating with contemporary musicians while studying jazz. “‘Meghalaya' is both geographic and spiritual. It's a place I creatively resort to seeking affirmation of my identity and for true holistic inspiration. I wanted to create a body of work that honestly showed where I was at musically and personally. I felt the growing pains of being a young woman, mixed race/Australian born and studying jazz. I was neither here nor there.” 

Her debut single 'Nuketown' received praise from Complex UK, BBC 1Xtra, Worldwide FM and Gilles Peterson, who handpicked the track to feature on his most recent compilation, Brownswood Bubblers Thirteen, via Brownswood Recordings. The second single 'They Call Me' is a syncopated, stomping refusal to yield to shame, a reclamation of her own narrative, and an ode to the women who made both possible. "'They Call Me' was written to...  more

released March 29, 2019 

All vocals performed by Tiana Khasi 
Produced and mixed by Sampology 
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy 
Cover artwork by Sean C. Bate 

Jessi Dunbar: Drums, Rohan Seekers: Keys, Piano, Rhodes & Juno, Sam Maguire: Bass, Synths & Rhodes, Sam "Sampology" Poggioli: Programming, Percussion, Synths, Moog & Effects, Imraan "Street Rat" Paleker: Guitar, Jason "Paprika" Bell: Percussion, Maru Elias Nitor: Percussion, Matthew Luff: Saxophone, Tristan Rogers: Trumpet, Meraki Quartet: Strings 

℗ & © 2019 Soul Has No Tempo


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