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No Drum Machines Dance Mix 
For Red Bull Radio

I'm constantly searching for danceable music without drum machines for my DJ sets in clubs or festivals which work well alongside modern dance music production. 
It's a particularly beneficial practice to break down what makes them so functionally danceable for my own production work, from the instrumentation to the arrangement and sonics. 
For this mix I've gone through my record collection and compiled a selection of standouts that resonate with me in this way and tried to include varying genres rather than an all disco mix. 

It's mixed live so there are drifting imperfections included. 

Boogie With Your Baby - Willi J & Co

Harlem - Bill Withers

It's Over Now - Manzel

Tchori Tchori (feat. Uakti) - Marlui Miranda 

Hot To Trot - Alfredo De La Fe

Strings Of Life - Christian Prommer

Tokyo's Dream - Gerado Frisina 

Even The Stones - Giovanni Damico

Saba - Cedric Brooks & The Light Of Saba 

Makondi - Emanative ft Kieran Hebden

Extract - Atmosfear

Roforofo - Fela Kuti

Otieno Owing Ramogi - Daniel Owino Misiani

Dance Rhythm - Mantus

Gullah Geechee - Craig Huckaby

Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ - Steve Reich

Love Me, Love You - True Feelings 

Love's So Far Away - Donald Byrd

Margah - Ibliss 

Brighter Days - Truth Is Light 

Swinging - Light Of The World

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