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Regrowth Rearranged
(Middle Name Records) 


Connecting the dots between flourishing but divergent music scenes within Australia as well as Chicago is central to Regrowth Rearranged. The two artist groups (Glass Beams and Izy) who replayed my album songs with the two artists (IN2STELLAR and Ron Trent) who created remixes represent a widely embraced line-up of sounds I’d like to go see on the one lineup on a night out. Having these different sounds and communities all connected together is something I’d love to see more within the culture of dance music, blurred but beautiful.

1. Ten Foot Flowers (Glass Beams Desert Flower Edition)

2. Ten Foot Flowers (Original)

3. Ten Foot Flowers (In2stellar Remix)

4. Running Around (Izy Replay)

5. Running Around (Original)

6. Running Around (Ron Trent Remix)

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