Middle Name Dance Tracks Vol 1 (2018)
out now!

Middle Name Dance Tracks Vol 1 is the second release from Sampology’s new imprint. The Middle Name Dance Tracks project reflects standout live & club nights in Brisbane of recent years, where there has seen a steady cross pollination between the club and soul/jazz communities. The blurred line between these two musical worlds has delivered an array of diverse and joyful events for both artists and avid music fans. 

Harvey Sutherland 
"Great live vibes and arrangements on these collaborations Sam, always appreciate the attention to detail on your tracks. “Bless” is a jam! ” 

'Fantastic release, sampology continues to wow me with his depth and talent . It’s a yes from me for these Brisbane collabs!!!' 

This project is a collaborative creative effort between Sampology, Megan Christensen and Sam Stosuur. The recording process was live in nature with Megan on piano and keys, Sam Stosuur on bass/bass synth and Sampology on MPC drums and programming. Having live conga & timbale from Brisbane based Latin percussion staple Gus Cereiji glues the groove together. These sonic choices were inspired by listening to NYC early 80s disco labels, especially Prelude 12" releases, which balanced drum machine & synths as well as live studio musicians. Vocals on 'Only Joy' were recorded by Kerry Raywood. Vocals for 'Bless' come from Brisbane jazz vocalist Merinda Dias-Jayasinha. The combination of the Middle Name Dance Tracks trio and the additional Brisbane artists offers a specific music palette that’s live in essence, dancefloor in orientation, and magical in delivery. 

Middle Name Records Dance Tracks Vol 1. artwork was created by artist Sue Poggioli, Sampology’s mother who also created the artwork for the 2016 Natural Selections EP. 

Mt Glorious EP (2018)

This 6 track 'Mt Glorious' EP evokes all the colors and textures reminiscent of sample heavy music but instead uses a complete pallet of original sounds recorded in Sampology's home town of Brisbane. The title track Mt Glorious references a lush nation rainforest in the hinterland just outside of the city, representing a strong continuation of themes found in his last full project Natural Selections. 

Highlights of the Mt Glorious EP include ex-Brisbane resident now Ninja Tune signed (and fellow Soul Has No Tempo allumni) Jordan Rakei as well as Stones Throw releasing partners Georgia Ann Muldrow and Dudley Perkins. The most exciting challenge for a producer is to create non vocal tracks that function and excite as fully fledged dynamic songs. The Mt Glorious EP delivers this in abundance with a number of instrumental songs to both dance to and immerse yourself in your headphones to.


listen here: https://AWAL.lnk.to/sampologyep  

buy vinyl here: https://sampology.bandcamp.com/ 

All songs produced, recorded, arranged & mixed by Sampology  

Tickets via Tour section! 

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