There’s been an amazing amount of housey, hiphop-ey, soulful-ey, progressive music I’ve collected recently both online and on vinyl.. as well as some of my own remixes, edits and unreleased originals I’m super excited to test out on this tour. Come say hi if you’re in town for any of these shows, would love to see you on the dance floor.

check out touring for more info.

DJ Set - Sweat It Out party Miami

This coming Tuesday I’ll be playing a DJ set at the Sweat It Out party in Miami, & to celebrate I put together the mini mix bellow to stream/ download. The mix also includes a sneak peak of my ‘In Your Bones’ remix for Crooked Colours you can check out.


This project started with me wanting to make my own custom edits and remixes to fit in my ‘Beyond Bollywood’ audio visual set, halfway through finishing the audio remix I had the idea of doing a pink face type clip like I made for the DanceHall Queen clip.

Here’s the full audio version.

Winter Olympics track 'Show Me'

A few months ago Samsung hit me up to work on a project with Winter Olympic boarder cross snowboarder Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin and create something that will inwpire him at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, here’s what happened.

You can get your free copy of ‘Show Me’ via the soundcloud link bellow, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating the track.


My next visual tour starts at the end of this month! Here’s the blurb…

“Sampology kicks off 2014 with a Stoney Roads presented Australia and New Zealand tour, coinciding with a special new track ‘Show Me’ released January 31.

Transforming golden nuggets of hypercolour Bollywood cinematography from the 70s and 80s into a futuristic experience, ‘Beyond Bollywood’ will delve into a number of twists, turns and audio visual curveballs, to yet again deliver a bold, colourful, hilarious and highly engaging AV party experience.

Featuring favourite tracks and visuals juxtaposed as only Sampology does it, combined with new and unreleased tracks, ‘Beyond Bollywood’ also features a bunch of fresh content collected and created on his recent first tour to India.”

Click here for full show info & tickets:

In late 2013, I toured India for the first time to play some shows, do some recording and shop for records. The mini doco bellow will give you a bit of an insight into my lead up to the ‘Beyond Bollywood’ tour I’m about to embark on.

SAMPOLOGYINDIA TOUR 2013 MINI DOCO from sampology on Vimeo.

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